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Tail End Spend Solutions

The vast majority of your purchasing turnover is spent with a limited number of suppliers. The remaining procurement involves many small orders with lower order sizes from many different suppliers. For these small orders the handling costs for both your purchasing department and your financial administration can be relatively high. ILEXYS reduces the costs of this so-called Tail End Spend for you!

At ILEXYS we challenge ourselves to handle all those small orders from these many suppliers as efficiently as possible while at the same time searching for the best possible prices.

As a result, we reduce your handling and purchasing costs. ILEXYS also takes care of all the logistical issues and can pre-finance your purchases if so desired.


Your Benefits

Tail End Spend Solutions

How it works

  • Together we analyze and determine the size of the tail end spend to be managed.
  • You get access to our order app, in which you place your quotation request and to the ILEXYS order system in which the orders are placed via the app.
  • ILEXYS searches for the best prices and makes you a quotation.
  • After your approval, we order the articles, pay for them and ensure that they are delivered to your location.
  • You will receive only one invoice for all orders placed per period.
  • ILEXYS charges a (low) percentage on top of the purchase price as a fee for our services.

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