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Stock management

Stock management is one of the services ILEXYS provides. With our assistance you can have a warehouse where you can find everything, where stock is always up to date and that saves you money. We help you to save on stock, improve your inventory levels en decrease the number of out of stock notifications.

Stock management

Optimal stock levels at the lowest cost

If you are experiencing a breakdown in your production processes, due to a failure in equipment, you want the necessary parts to be in stock to replace damaged components as quickly as possible.

ILEXYS ensures your stock is always up to date to prevent any administrative or operational problems. Our stock management services are focused on high service levels and lower costs and are always adjusted to your needs.

Stock management

Stock management by ILEXYS

We offer stock management only in combination with our purchasing services, because a well organized warehouse can only be achieved when the procurement department is also well-oiled. We provide stock management services on site and focus on:

  • reducing inventories,
  • improving inventory levels (min / max),
  • reducing the number of out-of-stock reports,
  • improving the overview in your warehouse,
  • saving time through the use of modern warehousing tools such as barcode scanning, RFID and supermarket techniques.

You can also contact us for consignment stocks or a VMI warehouse.

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