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Facility services

Do you want the best facility partners who offer good value for money. Do you want contracts based on performance agreements with fixed prices instead of hours worked?

ILEXYS will find them for you.

Facilitaire diensten

Facility services at fixed prices

Do you spend too much time organizing the facility services within your company? And do you suspect that the costs are too high? Outsourcing its organization can help, but only when the arrangements about the services rendered and the prices asked are clear. ILEXYS negotiates performance contracts with fixed prices so you know what to expect and will not be surprised by huge bills.

Facility services

How it works

Less worries, less expenses and less invoices:

  • You determine which facility services you want to hire.
  • ILEXYS looks for the provider with the best value for money at a fixed price.
  • We submit the result of our quest to you.
  • You decide if you want to use our offer.
  • After accepting, ILEXYS remains your point of contact.
  • We ensure that the performance is and remains to be up to your standards.
  • You will receive only one invoice each month.

ILEXYS will also assist you in your energy purchasing. With our continuous monitoring of the market, you will always get the best price.

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