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Procurement support

Is your procurement department a well-oiled machine? Do you have the time and ability to make sure you get the best prices? Are your procurement processes in good shape? Is your warehouse well organized? If not, ILEXYS can help you improve your procurement.

Taking care of everything

Complete purchasing services

We supply the system, the buyers and the advice tailored to your needs. You save on purchasing costs, administrative costs and on organizational costs. That is what we call carefree purchasing!
Indirect procurement
Indirect procurement


Are the handling costs of all those small orders at those many different suppliers getting out of hand? ILEXYS reduces your handling costs and saves on purchasing.


Suited to your needs

The tricks of our trade

Providing high end services and great savings, we do it both. The question we always get is: “How does ILEXYS manage this?”. The answer is that we are never satisfied!

Stock management

A warehouse where you can find everything. Where stock is always up to date. A warehouse that saves you money. It is possible. With our help, you can save on stock, improve your inventory levels en decrease the number of out of stock notifications.

Stock management

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