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Purchasing services with commitment

Do you want to save on the procurement of MRO products? It can be done! By enlisting the purchasing services of ILEXYS.

ILEXYS not only assists you with purchasing products at lower prices but we also reduce your organizational and administrative costs. Whether you want to use our webshop or our procurement support, you can rely on our commitment to reduce your costs and exceed your expectations.

ILEXYS, exceed expectations

Purchasing services

Save money on MRO products

Do you want to spend less time buying non-essential products? You will find all the high quality items you need at competitive prices in ILEXYS’s MRO shop.

  • Spend less time buying non-essential products.
  • Fewer suppliers, invoices and visits from representatives.
  • Lower organizational and administrative costs.
  • Less hassle with customized solutions.
  • More efficiency.
  • Competitive prices.
  • A modern online procurement system with a free erp system.
  • Flexible and transparent.
  • You remain in control!

Better purchasing with the support of ILEXYS

Let ILEXYS advise you on how to run your procurement department like a well oiled machine. With our help you can achieve long-term savings and avoid unnecessary downtime of your manufacturing processes.

  • We organize your procurement smarter.
  • We help you save on your indirect purchasing costs.
  • You get just one invoice per week to process.
  • We are independent of suppliers.
  • If you want, we can purchase your MRO & facility products for you.
  • You can combine our purchasing services with our warehousing services.
  • Our modern online procurement system keeps you informed 24/7.

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